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And Then There Was You…! [MUST WATCH]

Millions raced to one location… but only you and I made it. Don’t think for a second that God does not have a specific purpose for you in life. You won the race before the real game even began! #GodsPlan #URAWinner #ChooseLifeNotDeath     Much Love & Grace, Jon Gall, U.S.M.C. Entrepreneur/Investor/Speaker Who Is Jon Gall,...

Winning in Troubled Times:
God’s Solutions for Victory Over
Life’s Toughest Challenges
[Paper Back]

Winning in Troubled Times:<br>God’s Solutions for Victory Over<br>Life’s Toughest Challenges<br>[Paper Back]

In this timely and powerful new book, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar shares transforming ways to deal with the challenges, hardships, and opportunities everyone faces today. He equips readers to move beyond trials in areas such as marriage, family, finances, relationships, parenting, career, and health. Even those suffering from personal struggles and addictions can claim victory and healing through faith in God’s Word. With the right attitude and mind-set, anyone can overcome life’s obstacles and move on to maximum living. Conquer Life’s Toughest Challenges By Starting RIGHT HERE! Readers will discover the keys to acquiring character, hope, and answers necessary for growth and excellence. Dr. Dollar equips readers with the tools needed to transform their...

(Must Read!) [InfoGraphic]

So this article was suppose to be out a few months back.  I’ve been putting it off for a very good reason… Actually, no I haven’t. I have to admit I was consumed with that famous bug called PROCRASTINATION.  When my team introduced me to this Infographic, it was a wake-up call and I just had to share with any and everyone that I could.  So, without further ado…

I Almost Got A Splinter In My Butt… LOL! (Welcome to my Blog!)

I Almost Got A Splinter In My Butt… LOL!  (Welcome to my Blog!)

Well, here it is folks! I have separated myself from the “talkers” and became part of an elite group called the “doers”. Welcome to my Blog…  So there I was, up on the fence for quite some time about starting my own blog. Then I received words of wisdom from my very good friend and fellow Professional Speaker Rome Madison. He said “jump Jon, if you’re on the fence too long you get splinters in your butt”. LOL. I don’t like the idea of having splinters in my butt… so I jumped and here I am. Who Am I? My name is Jon Gall. And yes, that handsome fella in the pic above would be me…  LOL. There is much to know about me, but I’ll keep it brief for now. I possess an Entrepreneur spirit, which...

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