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CashGold Is The Most
Stable Currency!

CashGold Is The Most<br>Stable Currency!

These days, putting your assets in stocks or even into a savings account is out of touch. Because today, gold is the safest investment there is – and Cashgold is the new money – cash and gold at the same time. It was “invented” by Karatbars International, a Stuttgart-based global internet trading company for innovative gold products, which now offers the people of the world a new payment method- its newest product Cashgold. Cashgold combines the advantages of cash and gold and is stable and not susceptible to crises. “In Gold we Trust” – that is the motto of the Karatbars enterprise. The statement sums up the vision of company founder Harald Seiz, which is to give all people in each of the world’s 194 countries the opportunity to buy gold in small...

[Video Response]
This Guy Just Did The

[Video Response]<br>This Guy Just Did The<br>Unthinkable!

I thought a quick video would be a better way to express my viewpoint regarding a recent Facebook post. You can view the Facebook post and the entire thread by clicking HERE! Note: I actually had fun shooting this video and coincidentally, I’m preparing for a 15-day Video Challenge; so this was a perfect opportunity for me to get behind a camera again.  Please take this message in light stride and understand that I am simply attempting to get a message across and nothing more.  No harm done and it was made with nothing but Love....

You Don’t Know Me!

You Don’t Know Me!

Ever received that FB inbox, or message in LinkedIn, or a Tweet from a total stranger wanting to promote their business?  I’m not sure about you, but it gets under my skin when their first line is something like “hello, do you work from home.. yes or no?”, or something like “are you interested in a home based business?”. AAARRRGGGHHH [Frustrates me just thinking about it]. I hope this message serves a red flag to STOP approaching potential leads or even potential business partners this way.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them [I read ALL...

The Shiny Apple Syndrome

The Shiny Apple Syndrome

Every business opportunity seems to be the “next best and greatest opportunity”, and that just may be a fact… but it depends on certain factors. In this video, I go into detail about what is the “Shiny Apple Syndrome” and how to overcome it. If I missed out or was incorrect about anything, feel free to leave a comment [I read ALL comments]. #IDAREYOUTOSUCCEED

7 Tips To Better
Manage Your Time

Are you looking for ways to manage your time in a better way? Better time management leads to better personal development. So, if you are not looking for these methods yet, you should start looking for them now. Here are some tips to help you. Realize your potentials and capacities. This is a very important first step of time management. When you know your own capabilities, you get a good idea of how soon you can accomplish a particular task. Others may take a whole day for something you can do within an hour. So understand your own potential first. Time things that you commonly do. If you have to regularly do particular types of work, then check how much time you need to do that. When you manage your time, you can allot that much time for it later on. Always...

==>The “Rippln” Effect<==
What’s It All About?

==>The “Rippln” Effect<==<br>What’s It All About?

Rippln is a new mobile communications app, launching soon. It’s going to change the world of commerce and mobile communication in a BIG way! It may be nothing, but I’m banking that it’s going to be HUGE!  Either way, get in now while the cost is Zero Dollars and Zero Cents!  LOL Complete this simple form below and I’ll send you a personal invitation (It’s the only way in right now!)   What exactly is the “Rippln” Effect?  What’s all the talk about.  Scroll down for more information. The Rippln Revolution is a cutting edge, one of a kind mobile app platform that makes it possible for anybody to profit from the exploding mobile application industry. Rippln is a brand new FREE mobile application that will change...

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