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Why Is It So Hard To Gain Wealth in America?

[GAINING WEALTH]<br>Why Is It So Hard To Gain Wealth in America?

Not too long ago, I read a book about the wealthy and how they think.

In fact, the name of the book was called “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Ecker… [That book literally changed my life] and I must say that book is (Ahem!) right on the money. For example, lets take a quick look at the difference in mindset between those who are Rich [Wealthy Mindset], and those who just want to be rich [Poor Mindset]:

✭ Wealthy people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe,
“Life happens to me.”

✭ Wealthy people play the money game to win. Poor people play the
money game not to lose (there’s a major difference in the two).

✭ Wealthy People are committed to being Wealthy. Poor people just
want to be rich.

✭ Wealthy people think Big. Poor people think small.

✭ Wealthy people are “Action Takers”… as opposed to having a
“lottery” mindset.

Is it safe to say that all individuals who are living in poverty have a poor mindset…? Absolutely! Otherwise, they would either be rich or on their way to achieving their financial goals. Individuals with poor mindsets don’t set goals, well at least not positive goals that can change their lives for the better. They merely live each day hoping something changes without taking any Action at all. By definition, that is considered to be “Insane”… Continuously doing the same thing [or absolutely nothing] and expecting different [positive] results.

[Gaining Wealth is not for specifically chosen individuals. It is for YOU too!]

By now, you’re probably wondering: (1) Why am I bashing poor people? I don’t know everyone’s situation, and (2) How is it that I know so much about a poor person’s mindset?

[GAIN WEALTH: Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go!]

For starters, I’m surely not bashing any particular individual, just stating the facts about their poor mindset which keeps them in the dark about Financial Freedom [And I do know one thing they ALL have in common… they are ALL financially struggling]. Oh, and the reason I know so much about these particular individuals is because at one time in my life, I too was infected with a “poor mindset”.


It doesn’t have to be that way folks. All you have to do is make a conscious decision to change your life, and then take the necessary Actions to carry out a step-by-step plan that will walk you straight to VICTORY!

Will it be easy…? Absolutely not!

[Gaining Wealth is NEVER easy, but it’s definitely Worth it]

Can it be done…? It Most Definitely Can!

Many people always ask “how did you just change your mindset?” And the answer is, I didn’t! I had to take it one day at a time… and I’m almost sure that goes for anyone who came from a struggling background. If you’re just like I was, then I urge you to CLICK HERE and get you a copy of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Ecker. When applied, the “Wealth Principles” alone will have you viewing money from a totally different perspective. Trust me!

Listen closely, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY. Whether you Fail in life or Succeed in life will ultimately be your decision to make. Don’t roll the dice on your life… Take control Today and CLICK HERE!

I Dare You To Succeed!

Jon Gall
Who Is Jon Gall, LLC

  • BowTieGuy

    Jon thank you so much love the post and the video made the hair stand up on my neck. Touched me greatly. I don’t care about how to gain wealth fast. What I care about is who I become trying!!! Thanks :)

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