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Why No One Cares
About Your Business?

Why No One Cares<br>About Your Business?

In business, you need a short-term plan AND a long-term plan. Anyone who tells you any different doesn’t care about you. You have bills NOW. You need to pay bills NOW. But you also have a future. Your “right now bills” should not be viewed as more important than your future. If you only make decisions based on the money you need to make RIGHT NOW, you’re selling your future out for a dollar to be made in the present. That’s how you stay working hard FOREVER.

I don’t care about hype. I could care less about how much money you’re making TODAY. Show me longevity. Show me how many people you’re helping. That’s how I measure success; how many lives are being changed because of what you’re doing? This is the way YOU should be thinking as well. There’s plenty of shiny objects, people posting “proof pics” and money pics. If you’re impressed by that AND ONLY THAT, you’re not serious about your future.

If you hit my inbox and the first thing we talk about is how I can take money out of my household and put it into your household, you might as well save yourself some time. I don’t care what you have going on. I don’t care how much money you make. I only work with people I KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST. You should have the same viewpoint. People who only want to benefit from you only care about one thing: THAT COMMISSION. They only want a relationship with you because of what they can make from you. I don’t treat people that way. I actually want to help people, GIVE THEM VALUE, and help their life increase as a result of what I know. ITS A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP. All business relationships should be this way.

Some of you need to stop letting these marketers pimp you for a commission. They treat you like a cheap date and you keep letting them. Until you get serious, certain, and clear about what you want, people will continue to make a dollar off of you instead of GETTING MONEY WITH YOU! There is a huge difference!

Lastly, it’s a huge plus when the product itself can make you money. In my opinion, this is much more valuable for right now and for the future. Just because a product may be something you THINK people will need doesn’t mean people will actually pay for it. But when you can show someone how to take a system and have it produce them income, that’s valuable!

CLICK HERE┬áif you’re serious about making a real difference in your life!

Much Love & Grace,

– Kingdom Kash
Credit Repair Specialist | Investor

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