How Is Your Credit?
It's time to wake up America and take back what is rightfully yours, your life. And this starts with taking control of your credit. Now having credit is not an option, every single American from the rich and wealthy to the middle and lower class has there own personal credit scores. What is optional is if you choose to take advantage of your credit or not. Judging by the statistics of 5% of our country's population controlling 95% of the wealth is a good indication that not many individuals are leveraging their credit.

One may ask – How do I leverage my credit? And I will start out by saying that is an excellent question. Having good credit shows a good judge of character. If you are responsible enough to pay back loaned money in the time agreed upon, then you have become worthy of lending money too. It is as simple as that.

The way you actually leverage your credit is by utilizing it to establish residual income. What is residual income you ask? Residual Income is income earned on an ongoing basis for a one time effort. So, by leveraging your credit, you are actually using the money loaned to you by the lender to increase your capital. Basically, using other people's money (OPM) to increase your own. Ladies and Gents, it doesn't get any better than that.

Now that we have established the basic fundamentals of good credit, it is now time to take action and get your credit back on track. Many individuals will tell you that you can repair your own credit, and I will not disagree with them. However, I like to respond to that by saying would you repair the engine of your car if it failed? Or would you replace the logic board of your system if it was no longer functional? Nine times out of ten, you wouldn't. What you would do is seek a professional, one that specializes in repairing credit or servicing computers. By doing this, you would be leveraging your time. Please visit the link Importance of Leverage for further understanding on leverage.
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