Multiple Streams of Income
Cash Flow is a term that refers to the amount of cash being received and spent by a business or individual during a defined period of time, sometimes tied to a specific project. Measurement of cash flow can be used to evaluate the state or performance of a business or project.

Now let's talk about the reason I actually created this link, Multiple Streams of Income. This is when you receive income from different sources. It could be Real Estate, Stock Market, Business Ownership, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing etc. Either way, you would be receiving income from different resources by leveraging your time and capital, as well as your personal credit.

I personally believe EVERYONE should be afforded the opportunity to live the "American Dream". Unfortunately, not everyone has proven worthy of such an experience. And by "hasn't proven" I am referring to the individuals who are not willing to go the distance to achieve that goal.

It's imperative to understand that this opportunity that I speak of is in fact for the "Average Joe". However, you must totally understand the concept of Multiple Streams of Income if you intend on becoming financially successful. I have read many reviews online about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and now Incentive Marketing and would like to briefly share some valuable information with you regarding so. Unfortunately, I realize that we are now living in a "HOW DID THAT WORK FOR YOU" era. I notice that many individuals will avoid a GREAT opportunity simply because someone else said it didn't work out well for them. Folks, it's time you start taking responsibility and making decisions based off of your own due diligence.
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