The Importance of Leverage

Here is a short clip from Tim Sales on Time Leverage:


Now let's discuss how one can leverage their credit. When you have good credit, you have more windows of opportunities. Many Americans have been conditioned to believe that their credit is used to make purchases such as that plasma television, that new bike, a nice vehicle, or even their dream home. While that is not entirely false, it is definitely not entirely true. Those are some of the very same purchases that have 96% of our population in debt. Your credit should primarily be used to establish some kind of residual income and/or to increase your cash flow. Although there is a process to it, the concept is quite simple. Example #1: You could take a Real Estate loan to purchase property for very low, and then in time end up selling it at a higher amount than what it was purchased for. In this case, you will have profited off of loaned money. Example #2: You could take a business loan and invest in a small time business in which there is a high demand for your product or service, and the supply is low. Depending on the loan amount, and your marketing strategy for your business, you can establish a substantial amount of income in a short period of time. Once again, increasing your cash flow off of loaned money. I won't say that the process for both examples mentioned will be easy, but I can guarantee you that the results will be well worth it. There are many types of investments out there; all it takes is some due diligence to find the right investment for you.

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